Bill Please
All about 6Mq
Students: Zheliel (him) , Thunderboi (him)
Things: Joolie, Zac's Supermodel, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Bill, Please
Misc.: Mperor, Mpress, Mascot

Bill, Please is a phrase Ms Cheng's friend once exclaimed. Explaining, she mentioned that her friend's boyfriend was named Bill, so naturally she would like to say "Bill!"

In a RestaurantEdit

Ms Cheng was with a few friends and that... that Bill fanatic. So they were eating, eating, eating... And then once they finished eating, Bill's Girlfriend quickly called the waiter and sweetly said, "Bill, Please!".

Ms Cheng and her friends were laughing. Amazingly.

(Edit by Joshua :) - I don't think Bill was not in a relationship? May this be the next debate topic... Muahahaha...)

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