All about 6Mq
Students: Zheliel (him) , Thunderboi (him)
Things: Joolie, Zac's Supermodel, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Bill, Please
Misc.: Mperor, Mpress, Mascot

Joolie is supposedly, "Fu Yuan's girlfriend". The phenomenon only occured on precisely Wednesday, July 1, when Ms Cheng told Ian to write the date on the board. Apparently, Fu Yuan wrote it instead, but he wrote it as "1st Joolie".

After that, when Ms Cheng came in, she saw the date, pointed at Ian, who pointed at Fu Yuan. Ms Cheng then looked at him, giving some sort of speech about French and Joo Lian. She ended saying that "Joo Lie Must be Fu Yuan's girlfriend".

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