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National Day
By Your faithful Admin Eliel (:

Our National Day was certainly one filled with much excitement. The Parade ended with raving reviews about the spectacular fireworks and the laudable humor injected into the parade. Two of your favourite admins, going by the names "Thunderboi" and "Zheliel", had received the once-in-a-lifetime chance of watching the preview eight days before the national day. Returning with lifted spirits, they had hinted to their classmates about the awe-inspiring parade. People eagerly crowded places all around Marina Bay in a desperate bid to catch the parade live, and they certainly had got what they waited for! The parade was still brilliant from far.
To commemorate National Day, the class 6M has locked their blog on the very day, all in a bid to hide "suspicious" content from nosy eyes. Or noses. It was also promised that the Newsletter (yes, this) of 6M would be released on National Day, but unfortunately, it was delayed by a day due to much slack.
But still, it was a great day for one and all. Pity the organizers hid the poll about how good the parade was from the general public. Most likely to save their faces.

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