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Council of TeachersEdit

Noblesse respects the Council of Teachers and their decisions and does not wish for its members to intervene with the acts of Noblesse. Noblesse appreciates what the Council of Teachers do for us, but also wants minimum knowledge of its activities, the class Government, and the name “Council of Teachers”. (See Noblesse/Class Court/Sentences).

Complaints should be taken to the Noblesse Hall of Complaints, at Noblesse/Complaints - press edit at the top to complaint. Also, complaints can be made at the Class Court. However, the results might be predictable (if the lawsuit is against Noblesse).


Noblesse wants the class to be happy, so Noblesse has set up a well thought of class Governmental system. The following are the ranks, listed by their literal power: Prime Minister, Federal Judge, Federal Lawyer(s), Ministers-of-Parliament (N, E, S, W, Central)


The Cabinet, or rather the Parliament, consists of the Prime Ministers and the Ministers of Parliament – The North MP, the East MP, the South MP, the West MP, and the Central MP. The Cabinet will decide by means of a majority vote when new laws are proposed by any documented citizen of 6M. All laws will be considered.

Prime MinisterEdit

Prime Ministers are responsible with coming up with laws and regulations of the Class. Prime Ministers must also come from the ruling party, and must handpick at least two members of the parliament. The Prime ministers ultimately have the most power and can elect new class court lawyers/judges.

Class Court MembersEdit

The following are the members of the class court, ranked by their power.

Federal JudgeEdit

Federal Judges are the only people who have the power to sentence people to the Federal Jail or be fined. However, there are certain cases in which the Federal Judges cannot help but to issue the sentence automatically – any crimes to do with Noblesse. Federal Judges are the only people with the power to propose a new law in the courtroom.

Federal LawyerEdit

Federal Lawyers have to protect the rights of the clients and have to do their best to help their clients to win their case. All students have a right to engage a Class Court or Noblesse Lawyer unless the crime has to do with Noblesse (See Noblesse/Class Court/Sentences).

Ministers of ParliamentEdit

Ministers of Parliament have the responsibilities of making certain decisions on important matters based on their respective regions. For example, West Ministers are supposed to take care of meet-ups in the Bukit Panjang – Chua Chu Kang Area. The same goes with the other respective regions. Also, the MPs have the power to cast out votes in Cabinet votes, but their main power lies in General Votes, in which their votes carry a heavier weight. Their votes are worth about three normal class votes. Only these MPs have this special power; even Prime Ministers lack this power.

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