Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is the most heard-of book in the class of 6M, owing to the fact that Joyce went around screaming that her book, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, went missing. According to her, she had put it on her table when it mysteriously disappeared.

Quoting her, "This isn't funny, whoever took it." Indeed, it isn't funny at all. Own up, thief of the Lightning thief.

The BookEdit

The book, Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief, belongs to some tution centre called "Learning Lab". Apparently one can borrow books from there and bring them to school. And now Joyce needs to return it and is very... upset.

Also, many of the book's pages are loose, so, quoting Joyce, "if they go missing... ... instant death!" We must really help her to look for the book, before Joyce dies (instantly). Or something.

The last place Joyce put the book was on her table. Then it went missing. Oh no! Disastrous!

The CaseEdit

Her mother has already informed Ms Cheng about the theft, and what Joyce knows, is, that the person who stole it will surely die or something. Mr Ting was also knock on your door, according to Joyce.

The following are places the book is not at:

  • Her Bag
  • The class Library
  • The Lockers
  • The class.

Yah. The infamous 1 Joolie incident.

Resolution Edit

In the end, Joyce apparently found Percy stuffed in one of the lockers, gathering dust. The person who hid it there must have felt guilty.

The criminal is still unknown and at large. If you see any suspicious persons, sms "abc=123" to 98989105 (Fy's number)

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